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The Terrace Legacy Project exhibit opened at the Robbin Galley in Robbinsdale in August 2019 to great reviews and large crowds.  Below are links to the different aspects of the exhibit.  Hope you enjoy!

The Artifacts

Our 2019 exhibit included quite a few artifacts that removed from the Terrace prior to demolition, either years or just days beforehand.

Click HERE to see photos of some of these pieces of history.

The Pictures

Pictures are an important piece of the legacy, especially during our exhibits where hundreds of photos were on display.

Click HERE to see a sampling of some of the photos and artwork that tell the Terrace's story.

The Memories

The final piece of the exhibit was memories of those who loved the Terrace.  Some were provided beforehand, while others were shared as a interactive part of our exhibit.

Click HERE to read some of these great stories.

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