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The story of the Terrace is best told through pictures.  Since 2016, we have collected many photos that help tell the tale of this theater, and the people who loved it.

Road Marquee

Opening night France Avenue road marquee - Photo courtesy of the Riverview Theater


Signing the Terrace guestbook in the 1950s - Photo courtesy of the Riverview Theater

Terrace Lobby

Terrace lobby before chandelier installation - Photo courtesy of Riverview Theater

Lower Lobby

Terrace lower lobby / smoking lounge - Photo courtesy of the Riverview Theater

1974 Terrace Theater interior_001

Terrace lobby in 1974 - Photo courtesy of the Walker Art Center


Terrace Theatre at night - Photo courtesy of the Riverview Theater


Employees at the Terrace in the 1970s - Photo courtesy of Colleen Keegan


Terrace lobby, late 1980s - Photo courtesy of Erik Lindberg


Employees at the Terrace circa 1993 - Photo courtesy of Susie Waterman


Terrace cashier - 1994 - Photo courtesy of Patricia Wahl


Christmas 1993 at the Terrace - Photo courtesy of David Leonhardt


Terrace Theatre after closing, approximately 2001 - Photo courtesy of Dan Taradash

This Place Matters

David and Alysia Leonhardt during the This Place Matters campaign - 2015

Terrace exterior

Terrace Theatre - Photo courtesy of Carrie Hatler, Forgotten Minnesota

News Coverage

Local news coverage of efforts to save the Terrace - Screen capture of Channel 12 News


The Terrace Theatre after first demolition attempt - September 2016 - Photo courtesy of Steve Palmberg

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