Personal memories are a large part of the Terrace Legacy Project.  The surest way the Terrace will live on is in the recollections of those who knew it best.  Below is just one example of these touching stories.

"In 1955 my mother and I drove to the Terrace Theater so I could apply for a cashier position. We pulled up to the theater and WOW , there it was lit up on top of the hill in all its glory. It had been a long day of job searching and my mother said" lets go home.”  I thought, just one more. 


There, I was interviewed by Bill Ficker, the manager and Sidney Volk's right hand man.  Bill had been working his way through college and worked for Sidney at the Riverview. He was now proud to be a part of Terrace family.  Bill made sure the Terrace was magnificent for theater goers.  Making sure all the amenities like the TV room, Crying baby room, Party room were immaculate.  Patrons could get anything from hot dogs and pop to coffee and warm donuts served by the fireplace...All for 85 cents ! Bill even saved a choking boy 1 day !!  All in the daily life of the Terrace manager.


Bill hired me. I felt glamorous being at the Terrace. We were married 6 months later !  Two Terrace employees, Katie Barras and Phil Merlin, were even in our wedding. We were married for 57 years ! 


Sadly Bill is no longer with us.  I was at the demolition of the Terrace last year and a fellow employee spotted me right away. I will be at the lighting on Thursday, August 8th and am excited to see who and what  memories I will find.


Just think… If I hadn’t gotten out of the car." 

Pauline Ficker 


America's Classic Cinemas continues to travel across the county, collecting photos and memories of these places that have provided entertainment to so many people.  It is important to give these places an online presence in order to share them with both those who have fond memories, and those whom have never had the opportunity to visit them.  All images are the property of David Leonhardt  unless noted and cannot be used without permission.

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