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PRESS RELEASE 10/01/2018




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October 1, 2018                                                                                       

Terrace Legacy Project exhibit moves towards 2019 date


ROBBINSDALE, Minnesota – Two years after the demolition began on the Historic Terrace Theatre, a new group of individuals has come together to ensure that the story of the Terrace continues to live on in Robbinsdale.  Brought together by David Leonhardt, the new group is a collaboration of the Robbinsdale Historical Society and Leonhardt’s own America’s Classic Cinemas.  They will work over the next 10 months to bring together memories and artifacts of the theater in The Terrace Legacy Project, an August 2019 exhibit at the Robbin Gallery in Robbinsdale.


“For over four years, America’s Classic Cinemas has sought to preserve cinemas across the county through photography and memories” Leonhardt stated.  “It was born out of my love for the Terrace, and it is only fitting that we work with the Robbinsdale Historical Society and other theater historians to put together this exhibit.”


The exhibit is collecting artifacts and memories of the Terrace for display.  Many of the artifacts have not been seen restored by the public in nearly twenty years.  Some of the key artifacts they are hoping to display are the tower marquee letters and lobby chandeliers, but each of these will require restoration.


“We have received a restoration estimate for one set of the tower letters,” Leonhardt continued, “and we will be working on fundraising to have this key feature included in the exhibit.  The details of our first fundraising effort will be released within the next couple weeks.  Once the letters have been restored, we will begin working on other restorations.  Any extra funds that are left at the end of the exhibit will be donated to the Robbinsdale Historical Society.”


In addition to the fundraising efforts over the next ten months, the funds from any Remember the Terrace merchandise sold at the Robbinsdale Historical Society will go towards the exhibit.  If you would like to have your memories or artifacts included in the exhibit, or for more information, please visit or The Terrace Legacy Project on Facebook.

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