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PRESS RELEASE 10/12/2018

Group seeks to relight the Terrace tower letters

ROBBINSDALE, Minnesota - A Robbinsdale group seeks to relight the letters that once stood proudly
atop the Historic Terrace Theatre’s 57-foot-high tower in time for their 2019 historic exhibit. The letters
were removed in 2016 prior to the theater’s demolition but were damaged during the removal and are
now in need of restoration. To raise funds, the Terrace Legacy Project announces their first fundraiser,
the “Buy A Terrace Bulb” sponsorship program.

Group representative David Leonhardt explains the program. “It took nearly 670 lightbulbs to light one
set of Terrace letters during the theater’s years of operation. When the Terrace was demolished, we
vowed that one day these letters would be restored and shine bright again for the citizens of
Robbinsdale. We are offering a Buy a Terrace Bulb sponsorship program to help defray the restoration
costs. For just $10.00, you can sponsor one of the 670 bulbs that we will use to relight a full set of the
Terrace letters, something that has not been seen in nearly 19 years. Of course, people can feel free to
sponsor more than one bulb!”

Once the letters are restored, they are planned to be the centerpiece of The Terrace Legacy Project, an
August 2019 exhibit at the Robbin Gallery in Robbinsdale. The exhibit will feature artifacts from the
theater, Terrace inspired artwork, and memories of those who visited it over its nearly 50 years of

For more information, visit You can also follow us on Facebook, or at

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