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PRESS RELEASE 10/12/2018

The Terrace Legacy Project Offers a Sneak Peek Night



ROBBINSDALE, Minnesota – Robbinsdale History comes to life at the Robbinsdale Historical Society on Thursday, May 23rd.  For one night only, fans of the Historic Terrace Theatre will be given a glimpse behind the curtain to see how the Terrace Legacy Project exhibit is being put together.


“We wanted to give people the chance to see how the project is proceeding” said David Leonhardt of America’s Classic Cinemas.  America’s Classic Cinemas is working hand in hand with the Robbinsdale Historical Society to present the exhibit in August 2019.  “It is our hope that this exhibit will appeal to both citizens of Robbinsdale and cinema fans everywhere.  Having this sneak peek night on May 23rd just made sense since that will be the 68th anniversary of the opening of the Terrace.”


Throughout the event, guests will have the opportunity to ask questions of some of the individuals working on the exhibit.  They will also have the chance to view some of the items that will be included in the display, as well as leave some of their own memories to be displayed as well.  In order to raise money to cover some of the costs involved, including restoration of the Terrace tower marquee letters, there will be several items for sale, including “Remember the Terrace” and “Terrace Legacy Project” items, including an exclusive Terrace print created by local artist, Alison Nguyen.


The event will be held at the Robbinsdale Historical Society, 4915 42nd Ave N, Robbinsdale from 6:00 – 8:30pm.  For more information, please visit or The Terrace Legacy Project on Facebook.

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